Logs For Sale

Logs For Sale

We sell ecological seasoned firewood and kindling from woods managed in conjunction with the Woodland Trust and to a Devon Wildlife Trust management plan.
Hardwoods are seasoned for between 1 and 2 years, and local deliveries of small and large loads are available in re-useable hessian sacks, 1 cubic metre sacks and 2m3 in a flat-bed 4×4 truck. Our wood is sized to your burner or fireplace.

Our logs are guaranteed dried to the kiln dry quality (15-20% moisture content ) for British Standard 5756 (max 24%). This is the level of moisture in wood, that is recommended for all modern woodburners, The dryness of the wood not only ensures an excellent burn and maximum heat, but it is much safer for you and your family, as burning damp wood causes a build up of soot and tar in the flue which can cause chimney fires.

Firewood prices:
£9 – Large sack of Kindling (size of 25kg potato sack)
£9 – Hessian Sack of Hardwood logs (size of 25kg potato sack)
£15 OFFER – 2 large sacks of kindling (size of 25kg potato sack)
£99 – 1 cubic metre of 9-12″ Part Dry
£120 – 1 cubic metre sack of 9-12″ split hardwood logs
£99 – 1 cubic metre sack of 12-17″ split hardwood logs
£120 – 1 cubic metre sack of 5-9″ split hardwood logs.
15-18″ Fat logs also available.

Big savings on delivery if ordering 2 cubic metres or more.

You are very welcome to collect for free from our yard at Diptford & we can provide a dry loading area.

Approx delivery prices:
Diptford £10
Totnes & Dartington £20
Buckfastleigh & Ashburton £25
Stoke Gabriel, Newton Abbot £25
Torbay £30-£40
Salcombe & Coast £30-£40
Plymouth, Heathfield, Teignmouth £35-£45
Dartmoor £25-£45
Rest of England £55

Here’s the full list of south Devon log delivery areas

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