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About Us

About Us

We are an organic smallholding based near Totnes in south Devon.

We produce dry hardwood firewood from Oak, Ash, Hawthorn, Spindle, Blackthorn and Sycamore.

Our logs are guaranteed dried to the kiln dry quality (15-20% moisture content ) of British Standard 5756 (max 24%). Our wood is sized to your burner or fireplace.

The wood is very locally sustainably sourced from nearby Woodland Trust Community woodland and hedgerow coppice, and processed by us on site.

We can also deliver slate & limestone walling/ building stone. Over the years we have trialled many different sustainable projects at Stert Quarry Farm, including producing haylage and silage from our land and lamb & mutton from our small flock, however these products are not currently available.

We have a re-use policy aiming for zero waste, and are part of several local recycling schemes. We also work with international volunteers interested in sustainable land use.
We received funding from the ‘European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development’ for the re-construction of the yard & having cleaner river water and new fencing at Stert Quarry Farm.

We are bringing the land back into sustainable management & with this in mind we aim to deliver only to customers within 30 miles of the farm. We are happy for people to collect, but please phone us first, or contact us to ensure we are in.

Many thanks, the Stert Logs Team

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