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Slate For Sale

Slate For Sale

All the slate is handcut with no machined or sawn faces. It is local stone from our Victorian Slate Quarry.
We also have local Devon granite, limestone and quartz available for landscaping in smaller quantities.

Our laid slate

Our slate has been used on buildings where key phrases from local planning documents from councils basically specify our stone

The stonework shall be constructed of natural stone which matches the colour and texture of that occurring locally. The new stonework shall be laid on its natural bed and pointed in a lime mortar recessed from the outer face of the stone. Machine cut or sawn faces shall not be used in the wall or for quoin stones.
Reason: To ensure that the development displays good design practice in respect of the age and character of the development and to allow the Local Planning Authority to assess the details of the scheme to ensure that their character is maintained.

Slate Monoliths : Standing Stones : Pinnacles : Boulders

Perfect as the focal point inside a planter or on a gravel or rockery area. The stones have a substantial weight and heights range from 0.5m to 2.5m. Weight is between 50 kg up to 2 tonnes.

You can drill the monolith and either have a funky looking shot hole or insert a light or use the hole for a fountain water feature.
Devon Victorian Slate looks fantastic when used with water.

Special Colouring:
Our colour hue contains a mix of blue, grey and browns. Several pieces contain beautiful veins of quartz, formed by minerals boiling through the bed of slate and then crystals growing as the rock cools. We strongly encourage people to visit us to pick the stone themselves. However we are happy to video skype and photo stones.

Courier Service:
We can deliver anywhere in UK. Prices start from £60+vat for local pallet delivery. One of our couriers can do delivery with a hi-ab crane to unload and crane into your landscaping project.

£100+vat minimum for 500mm in length.
Then £1.50+vat for each 10mm of length along the longest side.

Our slate prices

We can supply slate, granite and limestone in 1 ton boxes ready to go!

5″ to 9″ faced: £285 + vat (per ton box) – excellent stocks
9″ to 12″ faced or oversized faced: £240 + vat (per ton box) – excellent stocks
Water feature slate £240 + vat (per ton box)
Gabion Slate / Filler stone £170 + vat (per ~ tonne box) – approx 3 month lead time

Walling stone / Feature Blocks £160 +vat (per ~ tonne bag or box)
~ is approx a tonne depending on natural variables such as density of stone & air gaps

Walling stone / Feature Blocks £200 + vat (per ~ tonne bag or box) – limited stocks

Quartz £350 + vat (per ~ tonne bag or box) – limited stocks

Quartz Rockery Stone – price per piece from £10 to £40 + vat


Picking, crates, deposit & deliver

Prices are for approx ton boxes or dumpy bags that you pick yourself, to your specifications. Add £40 + vat per box/ bag, if you wish us to pick. We will only dispatch slate in plastic crates if going by a haulier, as slate in dumpy bags has been damaged before. ( the slate cuts open the bags ).

Plastic crate deposit: £90 per crate

Stone delivery at cost via agent for larger loads or via our in-house delivery service.
Approx £60 + vat per hour each way.

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